Pigmentation Laser Removal

Pigmentation can happen due to a number of reasons and are hardly harmful. However, it can often affect just some spots of the skin, making one’s overall appearance look mottled. With pigmentation removal treatments, one can achieve an even skin tone that looks healthier and radiant.

How Does Laser Treatment for Pigmentation Removal Work?

A pigmentation laser treatment involves the use of lasers to reduce age spots, freckles, and pigmentation from the skin by targeting pigmented lesions without damaging the other tissues. The targeted pigments are brought to the surface and eventually flake off, giving the skin an even tone and appearance.

Preparing for Your Pigmentation Laser Procedure in Melbourne

While a treatment involving pigmentation laser takes very little time to carry out, preparing for the treatment is necessary. Fake tans, excessive exposure, cosmetic peels, etc. need to be avoided at least 2 weeks prior to the pigmentation treatment. You will also need to undergo consultation so that the right treatment and procedure can be recommended. A consultation will also help us determine whether you are eligible for the pigmentation removal laser treatment.

The type of skin lesions you wish to reduce also play a vital role in identifying whether you need additional care.

After-Effects of a Laser Procedure for Pigmentation

A pigmentation removal treatment is safe and effective. During the procedure, one may feel a stinging sensation. However, if one is averse to the idea of even the slightest pain, we apply a topical numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable.

Once the procedure has been completed, there may be some tenderness, redness, and swelling. All of these after-effects subside over a couple of days after the treatment.

Pigmentation Laser Removal Treatment at Dr. Saber Cosmetic Clinic

At Dr. Saber Cosmetic Skin, we offer comprehensive treatment options apart from a thorough analysis that helps us chalk out the best treatment plans for you. Dr. Saber also focused on offering the right advice to patients to ensure that they are aware of the possible options in their case and the potential outcomes to expect. You can call in to have all of your queries about the procedures answered before we begin the treatment or book an appointment for a consultation.

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