Vascular Laser Treatment WITH DR SABER

Vascular laser therapy is a recommended procedure for people with abnormalities in their blood vessels. These abnormalities occur in clusters and take place due to the enlargement of blood vessels that cause the appearance of thread-like patterns on the skin.

Vascular laser treatment was also the first ever laser skin treatment procedure carried out in order to treat port wine stain birthmarks. Over the years, various technological advancements have made progressive procedures possible that provide effective outcomes.

What Does a Vascular Laser Treatment Include?

A vascular laser procedure involves the use of wavelengths of light to seal off blood vessels through the concentration of heat. These wavelengths are drawn to the red pigment in our blood cells and effectively treat the affected vessels without damaging the skin.

The Benefits of Undergoing a Vascular Laser Treatment

Vascular lasers are designed to heat the blood vessels directly rather than heating up the surface of the skin in the process. This minimises the damage caused to the skin while effectively treating the affected blood vessels. The lasers recently introduced also come with a cooling feature integrated within the technology to reduce any discomfort due to the heat from the lasers. With the skin unaffected, the downtime is also significantly reduced.

Preparing for the Treatment

Before you undergo a vascular laser treatment, it is essential that you avoid excessive sun exposure. Any trace of sunburn will result in the treatment being postponed.

Aftercare Following a Vascular Laser Treatment

Once the treatment is completed, a cold pack is applied to the treated area along with a soothing cream. This can be continued for a few hours to minimise discomfort. Going out in the sun should also be avoided due to the skin being sensitive from the treatment. You can apply sunscreen and makeup with care as long as the treated area is not disturbed. You can find out more specific aftercare instructions specific to your particular treatment from us for better and lasting results.

If you find any signs of vascular abnormalities or need a consultation for a skin condition, you can book an appointment with us or visit us at the clinic.

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