Healite Treatment

Ageing and certain environmental factors significantly affect the skin over time. While putting a stop to it is out of our hands, technological advancement has made it possible to notably reverse the damage. The Healite II LED Light Therapy is one such treatment that is rapidly gaining acknowledgement in rejuvenating the skin.

Why Opt for a Healite II Treatment?

A Healite II treatment for skin rejuvenation is recommended by a number of cosmetic clinics and aestheticians due to the proven effects and outcomes of the procedure. The treatment is non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime.

Further, it is ideal for people of all skin types, making almost anyone a candidate for the procedure.

Some of the benefits of opting for a Healite II treatment include:

● Quickened healing of scars and wounds
● Reduced acne and acne scarring
● Improved pigmentation
● Reduced wrinkles
● Improved circulation

What Does the Procedure for a Healite II Therapy Involve?

A Healite II treatment works by stimulating deep layer skin cells to improve the elasticity of the skin as well as the skin tone. The LED or light emitting diodes penetrating the skin work as a catalyst for skin cells, improving dermal blood flow and ensuring faster healing.

The treatment takes just about 15 minutes with no downtime, allowing you to get the procedure done at your convenience.

What to Expect from a Healite II Treatment?
With the procedure being non-invasive, a Healite II treatment has a much faster recovery time compared to a surgical intervention. The procedure not only gives you more radiant-looking skin but also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

After a Healite II therapy, you will witness both immediate and long-term results. With the increase in blood flow due to the procedure, you will notice an immediate glow following the treatment. Further, the production of collagen and elastin improves the quality of your skin over time, rejuvenating your skin for a prolonged period.

While the treatment guarantees positive outcomes, the results of the procedure will vary for every individual, depending on the individual’s skin type, their lifestyle and habits, etc. You can find out the possibilities of the treatment for your condition by speaking to our specialists during a consultation.

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