ClearV™ Subsurface Vein Illumination (SVI™) – Specially designed to enhance the visibility to see subsurface and feeder veins to treat more thoroughly and effectively for enhanced treatment precision and patient comfort.

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Clear™ + BBL™

2 tx
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2 months post 1 tx
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Four months post 1 tx
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Three months post 2 tx
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ClearV™ + BBL™

Six months post 24 tx
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All areas can be treated, although the more popular areas are the legs and face. You can discuss your needs with Dr Saber during your initial consultation.

The Clear V handpiece is uniquely designed to visualise sub-surface veins with yellow or orange light, which are integrated into the handpiece. This provides Dr Saber with enhanced visibility, allowing for a more thorough and effective treatment.

First, Dr Saber will give you a pair of glasses to protect your eyes during the procedure. He will then deliver the laser energy precisely to the area of your skin being treated. You may feel a brief warm or hot sensation as your unwanted veins and vessels absorb the laser pulses. The procedure may take only a few minutes, or up to half an hour, depending on the size treatment area. 

Most patients experience little to no discomfort, although this does vary depending on the individual patient and treatment. To improve your comfort levels, Clear V does have an integrated cooling system. 

After your Clear V treatment, you may experience some soreness, redness and swelling around the treated vessels. These reactions are normal and should subside with 24 to 48 hours.

As you begin to heal, you may find that your veins are even more visible than they were before treatment. This is normal and, over the following week, the colour will fade, and your veins will become less noticeable. 

Following your Clear V treatment, it is important to follow Dr Saber’s instructions. You should avoid any sun exposure to the treated area for at least seven days, as it will be more prone to sunburn and pigmentation after the procedure. You should aim to keep the area covered and apply an SPF 30+ every two hours. 

Typically, there is no downtime required after a Clear V treatment, and you can resume your regular activities immediately.

Most patients need multiple treatments, four to six weeks apart, to see the best results. The number required will depend on a number of factors, including the number of vessels, the character of the vessels and your body’s natural healing ability. Dr Saber will recommend a suitable treatment plan during your initial consultation.

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