Acne can often bring life to a halt for a lot of people. This a skin condition that results in oils and dead cells plugging your hair follicles, causing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and more to form on the skin. Common among teenagers, these can be painful and lead to permanent scarring.

Acne Scarring

Prolonged acne that is left untreated often leads to scarring. This could happen if the person suffering from acne was in the habit of constantly picking at the acne or squeezing it. The deeper the inflammation or infection, the more severe the scarring.

Dermatologists classify acne scarring based on their shape and their depth, and each of these types warrants different levels of treatment. While some can be taken care of within a short time, others are more persistent and may require several appointments.

The right acne scarring treatment in Melbourne can help clear out your skin to a notable degree within a few sittings. Laser treatment has been among the most commonly sought-after treatments for acne, exhibiting great results.

Understanding Acne Laser Treatment

Acne laser treatment is used to reduce the scarring left behind by acne outbreaks. The process involves using focused light on the outer layer of the skin which helps break scar tissue. The old skin is then replaced by new skin through healthy cell regeneration.

Dr Saber takes the time to understand the underlying cause of your acne, the extent of the scarring, and the level of pain you experience due to the acne. Before starting any acne treatment at our Melbourne clinic, you can discuss your concerns about the treatment and the possible outcomes with the practitioner for a better understanding of the treatment.

Once the initial consultation is completed, the treatment will be conducted over a course of several 20-30 minute appointments, depending on the depth and extent of scarring.

With the best laser technology in Melbourne for acne scar treatment at our disposal, we help you get rid of acne scarring without our patients experiencing much discomfort.

You can get a consultation with Dr Saber for your acne treatments in Melbourne to find out the possibilities of the treatment and the expectations you can keep as the outcome.

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