Wrinkle Relaxers – How Well Do They Work?

The quest for youthful skin and a flawless you is never-ending. This has led to a number of cosmetic procedures being introduced that not only offer effective results but also leave you feeling and looking radiant. One such procedure is wrinkle relaxers. Wrinkle relaxers in Werribee have become popular among people of all ages and genders that have noticed even the slightest signs of ageing.

The treatment is carried out by targeting specific facial muscles where wrinkles and age lines are prominent. The relaxers temporarily block the signals to your muscles and cause them to relax. With muscle movement reduced, the appearance of the wrinkles are softened. Depending on the severity of your wrinkles, your practitioner may recommend additional procedures.

How Well Do Wrinkle Relaxers Work?

With the amount of people opting for wrinkle relaxers in Werribee, it is no surprise to know that the procedure truly is effective. Here’s a glimpse into all that you can expect from the procedure:

Smoothed wrinkles: Wrinkle relaxers are known to effectively smooth out wrinkles and age lines, no matter where they form. From crow’s feet and forehead lines to marionette lines and more, you can see visible results in the form of reduced wrinkles within a week after getting the procedure.

Preventing the formation of age lines: While wrinkle relaxers reduce the appearance of age lines, they also help in preventing more age lines from forming. The relaxers, once administered, reduce the movement of your muscles in areas that are prone to wrinkling.

Lasting results: When done right, your wrinkle relaxer treatment can have results lasting up to 6 months, depending on the expertise of the practitioner, your genetics and skin type, and the product administered.

A boost to your confidence: For those that are conscious of their appearance, wrinkle relaxer work to boost your self-confidence by making you feel more assured of yourself. The treatment leaves you feeling more youthful, refreshed, and positive.

While wrinkle relaxers are certainly effective, there are some factors that could affect its efficacy. Here are some of them:

Variability of individuals: Not every person will respond to wrinkle relaxers the same way. Factors such as your age, genetics, skin type, and lifestyle are crucial determiners when it comes to the effectiveness of any cosmetic treatment.

Extent of wrinkles: In people with mild or moderately severe wrinkles, the effectiveness of the treatment is remarkable. However, those with deep-set wrinkles may require additional procedures in tandem for better results.

Expertise of the practitioner: Where you get your procedure done is an equally vital factor. A practitioner with years of experience in providing treatment for wrinkle relaxers in Werribee is bound to make sure the outcome is close to perfection and to your desired goals.

Aftercare: Just getting the procedure done is not enough. How you take care of the treatment site following a procedure can also determine the longevity of the outcome. Make sure you follow the guidelines provided by your aesthetician to minimise side-effects and ensure the effectiveness of the procedure.

While wrinkle relaxers have proven their benefits, it is essential that you consult an aesthetician to determine the effectiveness of the treatment in your case. A quick initial consultation will help your practitioner assess the possibilities of the procedure for you.