The Truth about Frown Lines: Myths Debunked

Ageing and frown lines are inevitable. No matter how much you struggle, trying to escape wrinkles by wishing and hoping is a foolhardy quest. Your skin’s collagen production is slowed down as you age, the skin’s suppleness is lost, and your skin begins to wrinkle and sag.

Environmental factors are equally responsible for making you appear older, making certain habits a risk factor. Many fail to understand the significance of factors like pollution, sun exposure, etc. in causing wrinkles to appear on your forehead. Stress and constantly binge watching or working in front of a screen are yet other factors responsible for the development of frown lines.

For those in the dark about what causes frown lines and how to deal with them, here are a few myths busted.

Myth #1 Oily Skin Does Not Result in Frown Lines

For people with oily skin, many of the skin issues faced by those with dry skin are not a concern. However, frown lines are not one that can be escaped. As we age, the production of oil in our skin slows down, making us as susceptible to wrinkles as anyone else.

Myth #2 Good Skin Care Regime Can Help Escape Wrinkles

A good skin care regime can keep you looking radiant for a long. In fact, those who dedicatedly care for their skin appear much younger than those who do not. But while having a good skin care regime is vital in keeping your skin hydrated, it cannot help you escape wrinkles and frown lines for good. It, however, may help slow down the process and reduce their appearance to a notable extent.

Myth #3 Natural Home Remedies Can Cure Frown Lines

Natural home remedies can work to make you appear radiant. However, the results are only skin-deep and do not reduce or remove wrinkles. Effectively treating frown lines requires the use of procedures like laser treatments and injectables.

Myth #4 Limiting Eyebrow Movement Will Reduce the Appearance of Frown Lines

Frown lines are a result of your frontalis muscles contracting with every movement of your brows. Facial expressions resulting in frequent forehead muscle movement can lead to wrinkles forming on the brows.

However, no matter how much you try, limiting your eyebrow movement can be a herculean task. More often than not, our facial expressions are an involuntary movements that cannot be controlled or monitored.

Myth #5 Genetics Can Cause Frown Lines

This is a common misconception among people. Wrinkles and frown lines are the consequence of ageing, irrespective of your genetics. Further, many other factors influence how quick and severe the appearance of frown lines could be in your case. Sun exposure can also cause a major impact by increasing the risk and the appearance of frown lines at an early age.

Understanding what causes frown lines and what can help in preventing them is essential in reducing their appearance to a great extent. While there are a number of treatments that can help eliminate frown lines and slow down the signs of ageing from appearing, make sure you are well-informed to opt for the right treatment.