Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Loss of skin volume can be disheartening as we age. However, where one required surgical treatment in the past to tighten the skin, technological advancements now make it possible to deal with signs of aging without the need for surgery.

Dr. Saber is experienced and equipped to help you achieve the best results for your skin by analysing your skin and understanding your requirements to make you look radiant, younger, and rejuvenated.

Treatment Methods for Skin Tightening with Non-Surgical Procedures

At Dr. Saber Cosmetic Clinic, we carry out a number of non-surgical treatments for skin tightening that offer effective results. With a thorough analysis during your consultation, Dr. Saber can better identify the right procedure for you from among the following options:

Dermal fillers

When the face loses its volume as we age, there is visible facial sagging and other signs of aging. This loss of volume can be countered with the use of dermal fillers that help lift the skin and make it firmer.

Thread lifts

Thread lifts make use of sutures that lift up facial tissues and eliminate the signs of aging, without the need for surgery. The procedure is conducted by inserting the sutures into the skin.

Anti-wrinkle injectable

Administering anti-wrinkle injections to non-surgically tighten the skin is an effective treatment option that provides the desired results. With facial muscles working in pairs wherein an upward and a downward pulling muscle oppose each other, the injectables can be administered in selective muscles to relax them that allow upward pulling muscles to remain stronger. This offers the facial muscles an upward lift, tightening the skin and giving you a younger look.

Getting Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment at Dr. Saber Cosmetic Clinic

At Dr. Saber Cosmetic Clinic, we have a wide array of treatment options that cater to people with different needs. Dr. Saber makes skin tightening possible with the help of non-surgical procedures that not only provide effective results but also reduce the downtime and the recovery significantly compared to surgical treatments.

You can book a consultation with Dr. Saber to help understand your options, keeping your skin type and needs in mind.

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