Mole Removal Near Point Cook


Moles are a common type of skin lesion and while they can potentially be a cancer risk, this isn’t always the case. There are a number of other reasons why people choose to have their moles removed. Not only can moles be a cosmetic nuisance but if they’re located in the wrong place, they can also interfere with shaving, hair styling and clothing. A mole can also be removed to reduce the risk of it becoming malignant in the future.

Moles occur when skin cells grow in a cluster instead of being evenly spread throughout an area of the skin. The cells that make up moles are called melanocytes, which is what gives the skin its colour. Moles can be present at birth or develop throughout life. Life events such as pregnancy and exposing the skin to the sun without protection can also cause moles to form or change over the years.

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