Aging changes the way we look drastically with most of our face volume lost forever. Add to it the wrinkles and age lines that tag along as we age and there is little that could comfort us apart from a full facelift that will make us look decades younger. While a surgical facelift can be a risky approach considering its permanence, liquid facelifts are very much an option for those needing a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment.

Liquid Facelift Explained

A liquid facelift, as the name suggests, is a facelift carried out without any surgical intervention. Aestheticians with enough experience help strategically administer dermal fillers to the face to give it an overall rejuvenated appearance while making one look youthful. With the needs of every patient being subjective, the amount of dermal fillers used in each may vary. It is essential to keep the results as natural-looking as possible.

What Do Liquid Facelifts Help With?

There is no dearth to what liquid facelifts can help achieve. While ensuring that you get a visible lift to your face without any invasive procedures it also helps with –

  • Reducing tear troughs
  • Reducing visible scarring
  • Plumping up the lips
  • Filling the cheek hollows
  • Reducing the appearance of age lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles

Liquid Facelift Treatment at Dr Saber Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne

At Dr Saber Cosmetic Clinic, we carry out a comprehensive consultation before starting any procedure to analyse your skin and identify the areas that need work. Every treatment or service we offer is personalised for you to help achieve the best results painlessly. The treatment schedule planned is done so keeping your convenience and comfort in mind, allowing you to carry on with your routine without minimal restrictions.

While there are convenient payment plans available, the cost of a liquid facelift at our clinic will vary for each individual, depending on the amount of fillers used and areas being treated. To better understand the possibilities of a liquid facelift in your case, you can book a consultation with us or visit our clinic.

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