IPL Hair Removal Werribee

Undergoing hair removal treatments every month can be frustrating. The amount of time and money spent on waxing and other temporary hair removal procedures can get extremely expensive in the long run. With IPL hair removal in Werribee, you have a long-term solution that gives you smooth, hair-free skin affordably.

Here’s all you need to know about the IPL hair removal treatment offered at our clinic in Werribee.

IPL Hair Removal – What Is It?

IPL hair removal is Intense Pulsed Light used in disabling cells that stimulate hair growth. Pulses of light are concentrated on areas that need hair reduction wherein the hair follicles are targeted. The heat emitted from the IPL device targets the pigments, causing the follicles to be destroyed. While this treatment is ideal for a number of skin types and hair colours, it is best to check with a professional on the expected results before beginning a treatment.

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