Botox for Migraines

Over the last few years, the concept of using Botox has gone beyond just treating wrinkles. As medical professionals have been researching, many new and innovative ways of using botox have come to light. Among these, using botox for migraines in Melbourne has become somewhat of a hot trend. But how trustworthy is this trend? Today, Botox is used to lower the frequency and severity of migraine headaches across various clinics.

Before judging if Botox is successful, most patients go through at least 2 treatment sessions. Botox generally results in a 30-50 per cent decrease in the number of migraines you encounter. Any enhancements in your standard of living will be taken into account by your doctors. Though, if they don’t observe a substantial reduction in migraine in a matter of days, some people find that Botox improves their quality of life.

Why Botox?

Botox’s effectiveness in migraines is unknown. Doctors believe it works by inhibiting molecules in the brain called neurotransmitters that send pain sensations. One thing that we know for sure by now is that the effectiveness of Botox is surely unparalleled. Many patients across borders have found botox treatment to be highly effective for their migraines.

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

According to the recommendations, Botox is administered in a course of 31 to 39 tiny shots. These are injected into the epidermis or into the tissues in and around the head, including the brow, ears, and neck region. Your procedure will be administered by someone who has been certified to provide botox for migraines in Melbourne.

Every 2-3 months, shots are delivered. Botox is normally given until severe migraine has transitioned to episodic migraine for 3 months in a row, or when the standard of living assessments show a significant reduction & impairment. If Botox does not sufficiently relieve your migraine, it may be discontinued.

When it comes to receiving Botox treatment for your migraines, you will surely want to visit a specialist in the field. Dr Saber will not only take you through every step with ease and comfort but also provide affordability. Visit Dr Saber today and keep bid your migraines adieu.

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