How long do the effects last?

Generally, anti-wrinkle injections last anywhere between 3 to 4 months. However, this is often subjective. In certain cases, the effects last well beyond 4 months while in some, it may last less than 3. A good way to determine the results is to visit our dermatologist a couple of weeks after your treatment to gauge the effectiveness of the procedure.

If needed, frequent touch-ups can help the effects last as long as 6 months. Dr Saber can help create a treatment schedule for touch-ups once the effectiveness is determined to make the effects last long and keep you looking younger.

Why Choose Dr Saber for Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne?

At Dr Saber Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Saber is determined to provide the best treatment and care to patients, ensuring a thorough consultation that encompasses every minute detail. With years of experience, Dr Saber customises the treatment for every patient, ensuring an ideal treatment plan that helps enhance the innate beauty of the patients through advanced cosmetic techniques.

The treatment for anti-wrinkle injections at our clinic in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne, is carried out with care. Hailed among the best Skin Care Clinic in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne, and Dr Saber Cosmetic Clinic has successfully treated a multitude with wrinkle relaxers to bring about a youthful appearance while smoothing out wrinkles and preventing more from appearing.

You can book a consultation with Dr Saber to identify the areas that need attention in your case and find out the best outcomes that wrinkle relaxers can offer you through the treatment at our clinic in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne.

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